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Catalina has earned a name as having the most powerful solar incentives and programs in the country. Discover why solar panels are an investment that is worth it in Arizona.

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Do your have any initial understanding of solar? Are you working on a solar installation project? Or perhaps you're looking for a professional who deals with this topic from the beginning? No matter what stage that you're in, experts from our company will be glad to assist you. We can solve the challenges of our customers by taking into consideration their specific needs and expectations.Best solar company assistance throughout the entire process

Get in touch with us if need advice on choosing the most suitable solar module mounts. We'll provide solutions that will allow the panels to be installed as free-standing versions or at a proper position on any roof. You will find accessories for mounting the panels in the vertical or horizontal orientation.

If you find that it is necessary to assist with the setting up of the solar panels you purchased, our technicians will be delighted to assist. They have the expertise as well as the authority to safely set up solar panels both on their roofs as well as in a freestanding type on the ground.

It's worth talking with us if your experience with solar energy is only beginning. We will provide a plan to meet the energy needs of your business or home. We can advise you on what to do with surplus energy. You can also count on us to help you raise funds to invest in solar installation. We are partnered with the top solar contractors in the Catalina area.

Installing solar panels is a process that's quite simple. it work?

How does solar work? This question is frequently asked by many people today. It is a simple answer. A solar installation is comprised in modules that are made up of solar cells. It is this latter component that transforms solar energy into electricity. It is produced this way, and the direct current flows through the inverter, and its job is to convert it to alternating current (or alternating current - and it's a form of electricity that flows into electrical installations along with sockets). The amount of energy generated is dependent on the slope of the roof's slope, climate, number of modules, and many more.

How is the solar power generator at home work?

The panels mentioned above (typically between a few and many) are connected in so-called chains. The number of chains depends on amount of space or the needs of the home. The small-scale power facility converts solar electricity into.

What is the size of a solar panel?

The dimension of solar panels can be determined by the amount of cells. The standard model used, the one most frequently used nowadays, comes with 60 cells. Additionally, there are versions with either 48 or 72 cells. The dimensions of an average panel are

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What power do solar panels have?

The standard solar panel described above is rated at 280 W. The identical panel that is monocrystalline form can reach a power which is around 290W. If you have larger panels, it may be as high as 350W and higher. It will depend on the size (number of cells) that the panel comes with.

How long does the installation take?

The first solar panel was installed about sixty years ago. Despite the passage of time the installation has been working. So, can we be sure that our panel will be equally durable? Unfortunately, solar is developing as a field of innovation, which makes an unequivocal assessment of the life span of panels difficult. We are sure that if the installation suffers from extreme weather conditions and there are no manufacturing issues, it will serve us for a long time. The standard guarantee for elements forming it is about 10 to 15 years. Some manufacturers offer 25 years.

Does the structure generate sound?

The already mentioned inverter generates sound, but is so quiet that it does not interfere with everyday life. The installation placed in a separate area is a solution for those who are especially susceptible to any kind of noise.

What is the time frame to set up solar panels in Catalina, AZ?

How long does it take to set up solar panels? This is a question I hear frequently. The installation time depends on the size of the investment.

For homes with a single family, it will be approximately 1 - 2 business day. For commercial installations of greater size It could take up or 3 working days. When you look at the anticipated benefits, the whole process can be completed in a short amount of time. Talking about benefits.

Where do I set up the solar panels on my installation?

Do I install solar panels onto a pole? Should I install solar panels on a wall? What is the most appropriate place?

Fortunately, a solar array can be set up on roof of the building or on the ground. There's nothing unusual about this because the system requires a solid surface that is not shaded , and facing the sun. When these conditions are fulfilled that we are certain that the energy production will be higher.

Does solar pay dividends in Catalina, Arizona?

Another aspect of the answer to the question above (Why put up solar panels?) is the fact that they are profitable. Yes, the above arguments are very true. However, the question remains: what can we do to determine whether solar power in Catalina makes money? To answer this question, you have to answer two questions in regards to cost: how much will it charge to install solar panels in Catalina? What is the amount you can get back by using solar panels?

Do you want to know more about the advantages in terms of financial (and more) to decide to install solar panels?

Here is a list of some of the major advantages of investing in solar. At the same time, this is an answer to a question I often find myself asking: why should you invest in solar panels if you live in Catalina, AZ?

Independence from increases in electricity prices.

The costs for electricity are increasing in alarming proportions. It is worth considering other methods to get it. Solar energy is cost-effective for several decades.

A free and endless source of energy

The sun's energy can be accessed for free. And even more important, it's renewable energy. Making solar panel installations is an investment for long periods of time, which is a great way to save money.

There are no interruptions to power supply

The changing climate force us to take on completely new challenges. Extreme storms, floods or storms can destroy not just our houses and structures, but also electrical infrastructures. The great advantage in solar power is that they work 24/7 regardless of weather conditions. This means we do not need to worry about interruptions of power supply in the duration of repairs of electrical lines that are damaged.

An increase in the value of the building

In deciding on solar energy for the home can increase the value of our property. This is a smart investment for the future. This is also an important argument to take into consideration before installing solar panel panels to the rooftop of our company or on our property that is located in Catalina.


Installing solar panels is as a way to invest in the safety in our home and family. In this way we will ensure that electricity is always available as well as making us self-sufficient from external power suppliers.

Solar Panels What is the cost in Catalina, Arizona?

How much will it cost to set up a solar system? What is the cost of solar system depend on? These are just a few of the most commonly asked inquiries I receive from clients. A solid response will always be tailored to the individual scenario.

The price of installing a solar array is dependent upon a number of variables. The most important of these is the amount of the investment, the type and grade of the equipment used (solar panels and inverter) and the spot of installation - rooftop or ground. All this should be included the costs for professional installation of solar.

Installation of solar in Catalina - why is it worth it?

Why solar in Catalina is a profitable solution? The region of Catalina has more opportunities of receiving funding for photovoltaics. Incorporating solar energy in Catalina, AZ is more lucrative, and this is also because of its excellent location, Catalina is a city with an enormous potential to develop. It has been said that solar panels increase the value in the properties. So, investing in renewable energy in a city like Catalina is an excellent option for the future which at least in part, will certainly pay us back.

How much electricity can a solar system produce in an entire year?

It is assumed one kW of solar panels could produce between 1500 and 1200 kWh electricity per year , assuming the correct angle of inclination. Our team uses a professional program that calculates the efficiency of photovoltaic installations by taking into consideration the geographical location of the building along with the conditions of the terrain at the location of investment.

Is the construction of a photovoltaic installation in Catalina, AZ an ideal idea?

The benefits of installed solar panels are numerous consequently we're unable to include all of them in one spot. However, we encourage you to contact our solar experts in Catalina We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

How about solar panels to use in business?

Do you have a business in Catalina and in the vicinity? Investment in solar is a profitable investment also for you. It provides not just the financial benefits your company needs but also improves brand image on the market. The principles behind solar installations include the fact that solar panels generate energy directly by capturing sunlight, ensure it appear as a responsible enterprise that cares over the wellbeing of the planet.

Solar = green energy

Solar panels get energy directly from sunlight. The entire process, therefore, does not require the extraction of raw material in carbon-based fuels, and thus does not emit CO2 or other harmful gases to the atmosphere. It is a method of reducing emissions that will benefit the environment and forms part of one of the key notions of caring for it.

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