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New River is gaining a reputation as having the strongest solar incentives and programs in the world. Discover the reasons solar panels are an investment that is worth it in Arizona.

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Do you have the basic understanding of solar? Do you already have a solar installation project? Perhaps you're trying to find for a company that deals with this topic from the start? In any case, no matter what stage you are, the experts from our firm will be delighted to assist you. We address the issues of our clients considering their your individual requirements and expectations.Best solar assistance for companies for every stage

Contact us if you are seeking advice on selecting the proper solar module mounting. We'll help you choose options that allow you to set up the panels in a freestanding model or in a favourable position for any rooftop. There are accessories that can be used for mounting the panels either in the vertical or horizontal orientation.

If you find that you need help with the setting up of the solar panels you purchased, our technicians will be delighted to assist. We have the know-how as well as the authority to safely set up solar panels both on the roof , and also in the freestanding version on the ground.

You should talk to us if your experience with solar just began. We can match the solution that meets the energy requirements of your business or home. We will advise you on how to deal with excess energy. Also, you can count on us for help in raising funds to invest in solar installation. We work with the best solar providers in New River.

In the installation process of Solar Panels - what does it work?

Solar - how does it work? This question is frequently asked by a lot of people in the present. It is a simple answer. A solar installation consists of solar panels made of cells. This is what transforms solar energy into electricity. Produced in this way the direct current flows through an inverter, whose task is to convert it into an alternating current (or alternating current - when it's in the form of alternating current, it's flowing within our electrical installation, in sockets and electrical installations). The amount of energy generated will depend on the slope the roof, the climate and the number of units and much more.

How does the solar power station at home work?

The panels described above (typically from a few to several) are connected in so-called chains. Their number varies according to the dimension or demands of the home. The resulting private energy plant converts sun's energy into electrical energy.

What size is the solar panel?

The size of solar panels can be determined by the amount of cells. The standard model, which is commonly used today, has 60 cells. There are also versions with as many as 72 or 48 cell. The dimensions of an ordinary panel are:

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What power can solar panels have?

The solar panel that is described above is rated at approximately 280W. The identical panel in the monocrystalline version reaches a power that is 290W. In larger panels it could reach 350 W and even more. It is dependent on the dimension (number of cells) of the variation.

How long does the installation work?

The oldest solar panel was installed around sixty years ago. Despite the passage time the installation has been working. Is it possible that our panel will also be equally sturdy? The truth is that solar is a new field of technology and therefore, a clear estimation of the lifespan of panels challenging. It is likely that if the panel has been subjected to extreme conditions and there are no manufacturing defects , it can serve us for a long time. The typical warranty for the components that make up it is around 10-15 years. Many manufacturers even specify 25 years.

Does the installation create noise?

The inverter already mentioned makes an earful, but is so silent that it doesn't impact the daily routine. Its installation in a separate room is a solution for those who are especially susceptible to any kind of noise.

How long does it take to set up solar panels in New River, AZ?

How long will it take to set up solar panels? Another question I am often asked. The time needed to install the system depends on the size of the investment.

For single-family homes that are single-family homes, the wait time is around 1 - 2 business days. For commercial installation of greater magnitude the time can range from 1 as 3 business days. If you take into account the expected benefits, the whole process will take only a couple of hours. Regarding the benefits.

Where do I set up the solar panels of my installation?

Do I place solar panels on a pole? Are solar panels able to be hung on the wall? What is the best location?

The good news is that solar panels can be erected on the roof of a building , or at the base of the hill. There's nothing to be surprised about that as the installation demands an un-shaky surface that's not shaded and that faces the sun. When these conditions are fulfilled We can be sure that the amount of energy created will be more.

Does solar pay dividends in New River, Arizona?

Another factor in the answer to the question above (Why do you need solar panels?) is their economic value. They are certainly profitable. are very true. But the question remains: how do we determine whether solar power in New River will be profitable? For this to be answered, we will need to address two questions which is: how much does it charge to install solar panels in New River? How much could you benefit from solar panels?

Do you want to know more about the benefits to your finances (and more) to decide to install solar panels?

Below is a list of the most crucial benefits of investing in solar. In addition, this is an answer to a question that I frequently find myself asking: why should you invest in solar panels when you live in New River, AZ?

Independence from the increase in electricity prices.

The costs for electricity are increasing in alarming proportions. You should consider other methods to get it. Solar power is saving money for at least several years.

A free and endless source of energy

Sunlight energy can be accessed for free. And crucially, it is renewable energy. Installing solar panels is an investment that will last for many years. It eventually can yield huge savings.

There is no interruption in the power supply.

Changes in the climate force us to face new challenges. Storms, floods, or storms ruin not just our dwellings and buildings but also electrical infrastructures. The greatest benefit in solar power is that they work all day long regardless of weather conditions. This implies that we do not require interruption of power supply in the duration of repairs of electrical lines that are damaged.

The building's value is higher. structure

In deciding on solar energy for the home will increase the value of our property. It's a wise investment in the near future. This is an essential argument to consider before deciding to put solar panels up on our roof business or the home we live in to New River.


The installation of panels is means of investing in the safety families. By doing this, we will keep electricity on the grid thus making us totally independent from other suppliers.

Solar Panels - what are the prices in New River, Arizona?

What is the cost to install a solar system? What do the costs for solar determine? These are a few of the most commonly asked questions I hear from my customers. A reliable answer will always be tailored to the particular circumstances.

The cost of setting up a solar installation is contingent on many aspects. These include the size of your investment, the type and high-quality of the components (solar panels and inverter) as well as the location of installation - the ground or roof. This is not enough. added the expense for professional installation of solar panels.

Installation of solar panels in New River - why is it worthwhile?

Why solar in New River is a viable solution? The region of New River is more likely to obtain funding for photovoltaics. The installation of solar in New River, AZ is actually more profitable, and this is also because it is located in a prime location, New River is a city that has huge potential to develop. As has been mentioned, solar power can increase the value and value of the building. Thus, investing into renewable energy in a place like New River is a good idea for the foreseeable future, that, at a minimum and certainly will pay us back.

How much electricity does a solar system create in one year?

It is assumed the 1kWp produced by solar panels is able to produce between the 900- 1200 kWh range of energy annually if placed in the right angle of slope. Our team utilizes a high-quality program that calculates the efficiency of photovoltaic installations considering the geographic location of the building as well as the exact features of the terrain surrounding the place of the investment.

Is the installation of photovoltaic installation in New River, AZ is a good idea?

The benefits of an installation are many, that's why we're unable to mention all of them in one location. We invite for you to connect with our solar representatives in New River We'll be glad to answer your questions.

What about solar panels to use in business?

Do you own your own company in New River and in the vicinity? Making a solar investment is an investment that will yield profits for you. It does not only bring advantages for your company's finances however it also improves its image on the marketplace. The fundamentals of solar installation, namely the fact that solar panels can generate electricity directly from sunlight, make the company seem like an ethical company that is concerned for the sustainability of the planet.

Solar = green energy

Solar panels are able to generate energy directly from sunlight. This whole procedure, therefore, does not require the making use of the raw materials in forms of fossil fuels, and therefore, does not release CO2 or other dangerous gases into the atmosphere. It is a choice that protects the environment, and is one of the essential principle of care for the environment.

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We provide complete advice when deciding to invest in solar, choosing the necessary components, their installation, and installation of the entire installation (we help prepare the area, as well as install the system). We listen, and we offer advice and we assist. We endeavor to provide total competence and understanding gained through many years of expertise.

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